Friday, February 25, 2011

China Report - This Just In!

"Kermit the Frog, here with late-breaking news...."

The Johnsons have returned from their pre-trip to
Nanjing, China!  Nanjing is 3 hours northwest of Shanghai which is located on the east coast of China. 
At the end of March we will be moving there for 3 years.
Gordon (dh=dear husband) has accepted a foreign service assignment (ISE) with FORD.

He will become a Program Manager in Purchasing there and oversee a group of new hires who will soon be versed in the FORD way to purchase.  The economy in China is growing by leaps and bounds and with that comes more product opportunity.  (Yes, I'm considering a FORD blue oval logo tattoo in both English and Mandarin.  Leave a comment as to placement.)

As far as the creature comforts go, we found a 3-bedroom "villa" (condominium) to rent.  It is in a suburban-like setting in a gated community.  This concept is pretty surprising at first glance to this Michigander but I guess if we lived in parts of Florida or Texas it would be pretty standard.  We are told that there are many expats and well-off Chinese people living in Masterland from all over the world.  

I had every intention to live among the locals to get a true Chinese experience and lap in the culture; pungent city smells, sights and sounds.  We quickly learned that NOT knowing the language except  "Hello, what is your name?", was not going to get us very far in a Mandarin speaking land.  We are taking Mandarin lessons before we go and will continue them once we are there.  This requires an entirely different part of the brain and our daughter Allison reports that 'studies show that learning a new language is just as successful at any age!'  Thank goodness for that nugget of reassurance! 

Keeping this report short is a necessity because there is so much to do to get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.  Now  just a little more than a month away! 

This blog will keep you informed of our progress and I will post photos and pheelings along the way.  I am absolutely NEW at blogging, so please be patient.  (If you have blog creating experience and suggestions, please feel FREE to advise!)

Your questions, comments  and especially "Good Wishes!" are welcome below!

Thanks for reading!