Friday, July 13, 2012

Run Stitch Run

We're back vacationing in the good old USA - and I am dreaming and scheming.
Below is a post on my FaceBook wall.  I am following my heart on this one and also modeling the adage my mother and grandfather drilled into me: 

"If you mean to do a job, and you mean to do it, really; never let it be by halves, do it fully, do it freely."

Dear FB friends who are Feeling Crafty or Love to Sew:

♥ Hailing from Michigan, we are spending a 3-year assignment in Nanjing,
China. We are one year in and I took my Janome machine and a wall of
fabric to play with. It's been fun and a real learning experience.
The young mothers I have befriended have benefited from my hobby in
little quilty ways.

Somehow, it hasn't been enough. I have been drawn to helping out 2
Chinese orphanages. I haven't the nerve to visit (YET!) but wanted
to help out, someway, somehow.
<> (The blonde is my neighbor, Julie Ann

 I've created a little grass roots organization I've named
"Run Stitch Run: Stitching to Support those Less Fortunate than
Ourselves" My first project is to make 95 custom, novelty
pillowcases for ALL of these orphans. This will be a great beginner
project I'll start in September for the young Moms of my China neighborhood who want to learn some basic sewing skills; I will teach, they will learn and the children
will benefit with something that has been crafted specifically for THEM.
Imagine the love!

I thought I could easily find good quality fabric in China, but it is
not the case. Fabric is sub-standard and not Quilt Shop Quality (QSQ)
at all. So my visit home this summer has me dashing about, purchasing
thread, adopting my sister-in-law's little Viking machine to tote back and hunting for
cute novelty prints on Clearance! Mailing things to China is not worth
the risk of theft or loss so I have an extra suitcase to fill for my
mid-August return.

My intention was for me to provide all the supplies, fabric and
stitching but now I see that it is pretty unrealistic at approximately
$10/USD per pillowcase.

♥ If you are willing to donate fabric or make a pillowcase or two I would
be happy to place it in my suitcase to make a difference on the other
side of the world. ♥


One yard of Fabric will provide a body for one pillowcase (26") and
a cuff (9") for another.

The second yard would do the same.

In other words you would need a yard of two Fun fabrics plus

A 2" – Width of the Fabric & folded in half
for the band.

There is a wonderful tutorial by Crafty Gemini as to the
"sausage" or "tube" method that I will be teaching.

Please take a look at it if you are not familiar with the
method. It is REALLY a great way to keep all seams enclosed…these
pillowcases will be well-loved and washed repeatedly so please use this

Please use only Quilt Shop Quality fabric for the same reason...they will get continual use. I stalk
the online shops Clearance and Sale Rooms for the best Deals of 100%
cotton quilting fabrics. I will help you find some bargains if you like. The hunt is half the fun...Think FUN and

I could also use white/ivory Guntermann thread for this project.

Poor your LOVE of Sewing and your HEART into whatever you do.

I thank-you from the bottom of my button basket!

[If you are unable to help I ask your prayers to guide this project to
benefit the children]

Please direct any questions or concerns to me through a personal message and I will send you my USA address.

Please send by August 10, 2012 to:

I will send you an email confirmation.

 ♥ Carol Johnson - <3

Thanks for Reading,