Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stopped Stitching But Still Running

The summer of 2012 I created  Run Stitch Run - Stitching to Support those Less Fortunate than Ourselves - a grassroots organization. The Pillowcase Project was born - funded by generous folks and crafty sewing friends and strangers.
A year ago in the Fall of 2012, my friend Angie and I traveled to an orphanage near Fujian, China. Our suitcases were filled to the brim with custom and unique pillowcases to gift each child housed there.  An entire year later I still resonate with that opportunity, still stunned and so grateful to each donor and participant.   We made a wee difference on this side of the world. The project portrayed Westerners as generous, playful, kind and colorful.  In my mind, that's a very good thing.

[see my blog post "Step Out or Stay Put" -12/3/2012 ]

I count this experience as the most eye-opening and life-altering week of my three-year China adventure.
Since then Run Stitch Run has donated even more pillowcases to two other Chinese orphanages.
Before the last 'batch' of pillowcases went out I  managed to squirrel some away for just the right moment.  That moment has come.
Butterfly Children’s Hospice will benefit from the remaining 25 pillowcases. They will be sold at the Nanjing International Club Fall Bazaar with 100% of the proceeds given to Jenine Basaraba, Director of Butterfly Children's Hospice, her newest mission.  Jenine never tires of helping others and has a great big heart, especially for children in need.  Chinese view medicine in a very different light and forbid any pain medication for children.  Can you imagine?

 Read about this worthwhile cause here  http://www.butterflych.org/nanjing-project

Generosity made a difference then and now and I thank all of you who contributed to the Run Stitch Run Pillowcase Project.  Before distributing the pillowcases a year ago, Jenine read the words I knew my donors wanted to convey to these children. Children who came from hurt and faced an uphill daily battle with past demons and future difficulties: 

I asked her to say these words: 

"You are Strong!
You are Beautiful!
And Yes, You are Loved!"

Here are more photos from that remarkable week.  They were just collecting dust in my photo gallery and I wanted you to get a glimpse once more...so that WE ALL continue making a difference - big or small.

Looking back and Moving Forward...

While the Children Went to School - Five of Us Walked Down the Mountain to Town

We will Always Recall Infectious Smiles and Warm Goodbyes.  Once Again, I Thank All the Donors Who Made a Difference
in these Children's Lives and the Lives of the Young Patients at
the Butterfly Children's Hospice of Nanjing China

Thanks for Reading,