Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carol’s China Glossary: Chapter One

(Learned in the first two weeks)

Expat – Short for expatriate, someone who resides in a different country for an extended length of time with permission of the host government but keeps their citizenship to their home country.

Compound – Enclosed neighborhood, condominiums, apartments, detached houses that cater to expats and local well-to-do families.  Therefore several different countries and languages are represented.

Western – Anything from the US culture and references  restaurants, clothing, or people.

Asian – Broad description of Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai.  (see above)

Whitie – derogatory term for a Caucasian person.

Villa – Known in the states as a condominium.

Metro – Underground transportation

Fappio (FAH-pee-oh) – A receipt for purchased goods, taxi rides, etc. 

Ayi (EYE-ee) – literally “Auntie”- a domestic helper to hire for shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry or babysitting.  Rarely speak any English and arrive on foot, bicycle, bus, or motor scooter.

Driver – Hired driver of a lease vehicle assigned to us.  We are not allowed to drive, so careful planning is the only way to get anywhere.  They rarely speak English. Think of the show “Taxi” with charades.

A proper business card exchange
Business Card – You’re nobody without one.  Having your home address written in Chinese is helpful for taxi rides, etc.  Collect one wherever you go, so you can get back there.  They are presented with both hands.  

Non-smoking – These areas do not exist.  Smoking in public, restaurants and private homes is the norm. Not in my home, though!

ABC – an American Born Chinese person.

KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants are everywhere!  The Chinese love their chicken, especially the dark meat.  The restaurants are not looked down upon but are held in reverence to the good old 
USA. Some even have tablecloths.

Xièxièxiè  (SHAY-shay-eh)  Thank-you!


Becca said...

How interesting...especially the business card thing. Reminds me of the days when ladies always carried engraved "calling cards" when they went on their afternoon social visits.

I know how much the Asians love their KFC -my daughter in law was the envy of all her friends when she visited the Colonels home place in Corbin , KY!

The smoking thing would be a big problem for me :(

Pam said...

I am loving this! I am going to go to KFC and take my own table cloth. LOL!


Paula said...

I love learning Chinese from you. Keep those words coming..

Jerry said...

Jerry & I are really enjoying your blog. You write so well. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures so far.

We just returned from a wonderful winter in Arizona. Unfortunately it's still too cold for us here!!! We are spoiled. But it is nice to see everyone. And we really like the new minister.

Barb Gibbons