Thursday, May 26, 2011


 I have two feet - ONE planted firmly in the USA and the OTHER in Nanjing, China.  That's about to change as Flight #181 from Detroit to Shanghai departs tomorrow from Gate A34, midafternoon with BOTH of my feet in row "J."  It's a 14-hour flight. After a 3.5 hour car ride I'll be on our doorstep.  I expect a squealing miniature schnauzer greeting and a hug from the Big Guy!  "Carol and Gordon's Most Excellent Adventure" will resume.  I've looked up the driving directions and  it would take me 37 days and 11 hours to drive there.  Best part of that?  It would route me through Honolulu.  Don't tempt me google maps! By sea or by air - I'm coming home to China!
Thanks for Reading,



Sandy said...

Have a safe trip Carol.

Becca said...

What an emotional roller coaster these there weeks have been. Maybe the long flight can be a chance to decompress from all that 's happened and put your mind back on the future, and the continuation of your Asian adventure :)

Wishing you peace of mind and heart as you travel on..xoxo