Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Day at the Spa

Casey - Mom thinks you need a Haircut

I'm guessing this ear-holding is just the beginning

It's a Long Way Down to Freedom

I See you on the other side of the Glass, Mom...

Groomer Bao goes-a-snipping...

How do they expect a 12-year old schnauzer to get out of here?

Should Have Risked it All, I suppose...

Finally Home and With this New Super Bandana - I guess Mom Loves ME, Afterall!

Not a typical cut, but it suits the Furnace-Like Heat of Nanjing, China!

Stop the Photo Shoot - May I PLEASE go in and sit on my favorite Chair?

Let's See How Mom does with HER first China Haircut!  :::::Muh-ha-ha-ha::::

Mom multi-tasking and holding Ethan (aka Xiao Hu) the Magnificent!

Any Guesses what the Johnson Girls Spent on their Spa Day?

Casey Grooming $9 USD
New Collar $2 USD

Mom Haircut $4 USD

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China Diva said...

But we didn't get to see your finished product!!! Casey looks darling! Congrats on taking the plunge -- you are a braver woman than I!!!

Allison D. said...

How fun! Love the pictures!! Love my sweet little puppy and my sweet little Mom!! XO.

Allison D. said...

Oh...and...I spent $10 on the trimming scissors to trim my own bangs. You win.

DivaMomCarol said...

There's a VERY Good REASON you don't see the REVEAL of my haircut!
Won't need one for a L-O-N-G time!

Becca said...

Somehow I missed seeing this one until now :) What brave girls you both were!

I've been learning to trim Magic's hair, because he has taken a huge DISlike to the groomer. We're doing a little bit every day, so neither one of us gets too stressed out :)

The nice thing about a too-short haircut is that you don't need another one for a LONG time.

Von Andalora said...

Seems like a wonderful spa day for two. You guys are looking good with your new haircuts. Getting one's hair done is refreshing, no?

DivaMomCarol said...

..and it's almost time to go again!
Thanks for reading!

Anton Houskeeper said...

Casey looks super gorgeous and so is the proud mommy! I'm also planning to take my wife and daughter on a spa date. What a great way to make your loved ones happy.