Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pillowcase Project Update

The pillowcases are completed for the Pillowcase Project and I am rejoicing!  

There are now 130 pillowcases destined for children in China at an orphanage near Fuzhou in Chen Shang.

This week Angie and I will meet with Jenine, a Canadian ex-pat who is the contact person  and a perpetual volunteer advocate for this orphanage.  We will make final plans to visit as a small group in early November for several days.

It's a 20-hour train trip one way and of course a 20-hour train trip back. In between I hope to make the most of my time in an environment I have never been in - an orphanage at the foot of a mountain in China.  

We will be interacting with the children in the evenings and soaking up all sorts of stories that I plan to retell in my blog.  Expect a bunch of photos, too!

Every fiber and stitch has been lovingly donated and I'm so excited!

Can you find our llittlest helper Jack among these gifts of LOVE? 

 Thanks for Reading,
 p.s. Many of you have been unable to leave comments directly on this blog.  I apologize for the inconvenience but am not sure how to "right" it.  ~C


Anonymous said...

It was so fun to have a small part in your wonderful project :-) Can't wait to see how the children like them. Terri

Anonymous said...

Your Novmeber visit to the orphanage will be such a moving experience. Those pillow cases are a happy sight!